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Civil Engineering
Introduction: Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with construction, design and the maintenance of physical and naturally built the environment, including works like bridges, roads, dams, canals and the buildings. The Civil engineering is second-oldest engineering discipline after the military engineering, and it is defined to differentiate the non-military engin
Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that applies natural sciences (e.g. physics and chemistry) and life sciences (e.g. biology, biochemistry and microbiology) together with the mathematics and the economics to produce, transport, transform and properly use the chemicals, energy and materials. It essentially deals with engineering of chemicals, energy and processes that create and con
Electrical & Electronics
INTRODUCTION Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that usually deals with application and study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. This field first became an exclusive occupation in latter half of 19th century after the commercialization of  electric telegraph,  telephone, and the electric power distribution and use. Subsequently, recording and broadcasting media mad
Mechanical Engineering
INTRODUCTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Many products of the industry combine the mechanical technologies often denigrated as the old technologies with the advanced technologies. Branch of the engineering that specializes in production, design, and uses of the machines. Physics of mechanics is the generally used in the mechanical engineering. While understood as supplier of machinery, hardware
Computer Engineering
INTRODUCTION OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING: Computer engineering is the discipline that is integrates several fields of the electrical engineering and computer science required to the develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers are usually having training in the software design, electronic engineering, and the hardware-software integration instead of only the software engineering or e
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering mathematics is a branch of the applied mathematics concerning with the mathematical methods and techniques that are typically used in the engineering and industry. Along with fields like the engineering physics and engineering geology, engineering mathematics is an interdisciplinary subject motivated by the engineers' needs both for the theoretical, practical and the other consideratio
What Is MATLAB? The MATLAB is a high-performance language for the technical computing. It integrates the visualization, computation and the programming in an easy-to-use environment where the problems and the solutions are expressed in the familiar mathematical document. It's typical uses include the following: 1)Math and the computation 2)Algorithm development program 3)Simulation, m
Other Engineering
TECHNIQUES OF GENETIC ENGINEERING There are a variety of techniques used to genetically engineer the organisms. The first step involves the choosing and isolating gene that will be inserted into genetically modified organism. Most genes transferred into the plants provide the protection against the insects or tolerance to the herbicides. In animals, the majority of genes used are the growth ho
Digital Electronics
INTRODUCTION The fundamentals and implementation of the digital electronics are important to understanding the design and the working of the consumer/industrial electronics, embedded systems, communications, communications, security, communications and military equipment. Devices used in the applications such as these are the constantly decreasing in size and employing the more complex tech
Biochemical & Biotechnology
INTRODUCTION OF BIOCHEMICL & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Biotechnology is use of the living systems and the organisms to develop and make useful products or any technological application that uses is living organisms, biological systems, and derivatives thereof to make and modify products or processes for the specific use Depending on tools and applications. It often overlaps with fields of the bioengineer

Recent Engineering Questions

With the sun directly overhead an airplane takes off at a

With the sun directly overhead, an airplane takes off at a speed S of 226 mph at an angle θ of 16° above the horizontal. How fast is the airplane's shadow moving along the runway?

An airplane has an airspeed of 550 kmh bearing 48degreesdeg

An airplane has an airspeed of 550 km/h bearing 48degrees° north of east. The wind velocity is 50 km/h in the direction 26° north of west. Find the resultant velocity representing the path of the airplane with respect to ...

Two perpendicular forces act on a ring at the end of a

Two perpendicular forces act on a ring at the end of a chain that passes over a pulley and holds a crate. What is the weight of the crate if the horizontal force pulls at 92 pounds and the vertical force pulls at 44 lb? ...

1 each year a baseball team sells boxes of chocolates as a

1) Each year, a baseball team sells boxes of chocolates as a fundraiser to lower the cost of team fees. The price of the chocolates and the number of boxes sold varies each year. The information from five years of sales ...

Annuity payment jeremy is saving money to open an indoor

Annuity Payment: Jeremy is saving money to open an indoor skate board park. He needs $10,000 in three years to purchase equipment and initiate a building lease. He's investing his savings in an annuity yielding an annual ...

Suppose 15 long bolts are made by another machine and have

Suppose 1.5" long bolts are made by another machine and have to be within 0.125" of 1.5". What is the absolute value inequality to represent this tolerance?

An electronics company produces transistors resistors and

An electronics company produces transistors, resistors and computer chips. Each transistor requires 3 units of copy, 1 of zinc and 2 units of glass. Each resistor requires 3, 2 and 1 units of the three materials and each ...

Cost and measurement analysisidentify two non-current

Cost and Measurement Analysis Identify two non-current assets and comment on how Yahoo values these two assets in the balance sheet. Does the Yahoo have other alternatives as to how they could value the two assets? Which ...

Continuation of previous questionsection governance and

Continuation of previous question Section: Governance and Ethics Discuss the role and effect of corporate governance on publicly listed companies Illustrate your answer with examples of aspects of corporate governance pr ...

Computerized analysis of yahoos annual reports and

Computerized Analysis of Yahoo's Annual Reports and Financial Statements Section 1: Accounting for decision making Name five stakeholders that are relevant to Yahoo Briefly explain how specific accounting information cou ...

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