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INTRODUCTION OF C, C++: C program begins inside the function that is called main function. Function is simply a collection of the commands that do something. The main function is all the time called when a program first executes. From main we can call the other functions whether they are written by us and by others or use built-in the language features. To access standard functions that comes
Java Programming: Java programming  is a high-level programming language made by Sun Microsystems. This was originally designed for making programs for set-top boxes and hand-held devices, however later became a popular option for making web applications. The  Java  syntax is alike to C++, however is strictly an object-oriented programming language. For illustration, most Java programs h
DOT-NET: The  .NET  Framework (sometimes pronounced as dot net) is a software framework made by Microsoft which runs mainly on Microsoft Windows. It comprises a large library and offers language interoperability (that is, each and every language can employ code written in other languages) across numerous programming languages. The programs written for the .NET Framework run in a software envi
Python: Python  is an interpreter, object-oriented, high-level programming language through dynamic semantics. Its high-level build in data structures, joined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, build it very striking for Rapid Application Development, and also for use as a scripting or glue language to join existing components altogether. Python is simple, easy to learn the syntax and e
Programming in Assembly: Assembly language  is a low-level programming language for computer, micro-controller, or any other programmable device in which all statement responds to a single machine code instruction. All assembly language is precise to particular computer architecture, in contrary to most high-level programming languages that are usually portable in multiple systems. Assemb
C Sharp
C#.NET: C#  (generally pronounced as " C-sharp ") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft which aims to join the computing power of C++ with the programming easiness of Visual Basic. C# is mainly based on C++ and has features similar to those of Java. C Sharp  is designed to work with Microsoft's .Net platform. The Microsoft's plan is to ease the exchange of information
INTRODUCTION OF PERL: Perl is the scripting language which is compiled each the time before running. That UNIX knows that it is Perl script there must be following header at the top line of the every Perl script. Where the path to the Perl has to be exact and the line must not exceed to 32 characters. Perl is the general-purpose of programming language originally developed for the text operat
COBOL: COBOL  (abbreviated as  Common Business Oriented Language ) was one of the initial high-level programming languages. It was made in the year 1959 by a group of computer professionals termed as the Conference on Data Systems Languages. Since year 1959 it has undergone numerous modifications and enhancements. In an attempt to conquer the trouble of incompatibility among various versions
Visual Basic
Visual Basic: Visual Basic  or  VB  is a programming language and development atmosphere made by Microsoft. This is an extension of the BASIC programming language which joins BASIC functions and commands with the visual controls. Visual Basic offers a graphical user interface GUI which permits the developer to drag and drop objects into the program and also as manually written program code.
CAD-CAM: The  CAD and CAM  stand for Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing, employed to design and manufacture the products. The word CAD and CAM entails that an engineer can employ the system both for designing a product and for controlling the manufacturing procedures. For illustration once a design has been generated with the CAD component, the design itself can control the
Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming: OOP  stands for " Object-Oriented Programming " refers to a programming method which is based on objects, rather than just functions and procedures. Such objects are organized into classes that permit individual objects to be grouped altogether. Most of the modern programming languages comprising Java, C or C++, and PHP, are object-oriented languages, and a lot of
Basic Introduction of Asp.NET ASP.NET is a set of Web development tools which is offered by the Microsoft. The Programs like Visual Web Developer and Visual Studio .NET allow the Web developers to create the dynamic websites using a visual interface. Programmers can write their own scripts and code incorporate it into the ASP.NET websites as well. ASP.NET also supports the JavaScript .NET, Vis
PHP: PHP  stands for " Hypertext Preprocessor ." (This is a recursive acronym) PHP is the HTML-embedded Web scripting language. It means PHP code can be inserted into HTML of a Web page. Whenever a PHP page is accessed, the PHP code is read or ‘parsed’ by the server that page resides on. The output from the PHP functions on the page is usually returned as HTML code that can be read by the br
Introduction of Jsp : Java Server Pages is a server-side programming technology that is enables the creation of the dynamic, platform-independent method for the building Web-based applications. JSP have access to entire family of the Java APIs, including the JDBC API to access the enterprise databases. The Java Server Pages technology allows the Web developers and the designers to the rapidly
Shell Scripting
INTRODUCTION Shell script is a computer program that is designed to be run by UNIX shell, a command line interpreter. The various dialects of shell scripts are considered to be the scripting languages. Typical the operations performed by the shell scripts include the file manipulation, printing text and program execution. * With the help of shell scripting repeated tasks can be done much fa
Java Script
JAVA SCRIPT INTRODUCTION JavaScript is the most popular language (programming language) in the web development. It is the language for the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), for computers, for the Web, servers, tablets, laptops, smart phones, and more. JavaScript has many uses ranging from examination the values submitted by the forms to controlling the interactive widgets, such as accordions,
Introduction of Ajax: Ajax stands for the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is an efficient way of the web application to handle the user interactions with the web page it is a way that reduces the need to do a page refresh and full page reload for all user interaction. Ajax links are initiated by THE JavaScript code. When Ajax interaction is complete then JavaScript updates HTML source of
Introduction of CSS/HTML:           CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) are the two of core technologies for building the Web pages. HTML provides the structure of pages and CSS provides the (aural and visual) layout, for a variety of the devices. Along with the scripting and graphics, CSS and HTML are the foundation of building the Web pages and the Web Appl
INTRODUCTION OF JOOMLA : Joomla is the free and open-source content management of the system for publishing web content. It is the built on  model view controller web application framework that can be used independently of CMS. Joomla is the written in PHP and uses object-oriented programming techniques and software design pattern, stores data in the MySQL PostgreSQL database and includes t
Word Press: WordPress  is a free, open-source personal publishing system which permits you to simply generate a complex blog, or web log, on your site. It is written in PHP and supported by My-SQL database, WordPress provides intuitive administrative tools and sophisticated design features which make it simple to develop and incorporate a personal or professional blog on your website. You
Magento: Magento  is the ecommerce platform which lets you list the items for sale online as part of an online shopping. This supports checkout with numerous different payment techniques, a variety of extensions, and is at present the fastest rising solution for small and medium sized businesses. Magento  is a professional open-source, feature-rich ecommerce solution which provides mercha
INTRODUCTION The Adobe Photoshop is predominant photo manipulation and editing software on market. Its uses range from the full featured the control of large batches of the photos to creating intricate drawings and digital paintings that copy those done by the hand. FUNDAMENTALS OF LAYER Layers, within the Photoshop, are the power means of manipulating and organizing specific parts o
Database Management System: DBMS  stands for " Database Management System ." In brief, a DBMS is a database program. Theoretically speaking, it is a software system which employs a standard technique of retrieving, cataloging, and queries performing on data. The DBMS administers incoming data, organizes it, and gives ways for the data to be altered or extracted by users or other programs.
What is PL/SQL? * PL/SQL stands for the Procedural Language extension of SQL. * The PL/SQL is the combination of the SQL along with procedural features of the programming languages. * PL/SQL was developed by the Oracle Corporation in early 90's to increase the capabilities of the SQL. The SQL statements are very powerful and concise, but do not do more as a group than they do individu
ORACLE: The  Oracle  Database (usually termed to as Oracle RDBMS or simply  Oracle ) is an object-relational database management system made and marketed by the Oracle Corporation. Oracle  is a very powerful relational database management system which provides a large feature set. All along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle is broadly regarded as one of the two most admired full-featured d
MS-SQL: MS-SQL  Server, also termed as Microsoft SQL, is a RDBMS employed to manage transactions between a database and a client. It receives SQL queries from a client, run those queries against the database, and then returns the requested information reverses back to the client. MS-SQL  Server is the high-performance relational database engine from Microsoft for it's and development tool
MS-ACCESS: Microsoft Access , frequently abbreviated as  "MS Access"  is a well-liked database application for Windows. Access permits users to create custom databases which store information in a systematic structure. The program also offers a visual interface for generating custom forms, tables, and SQL queries. The data can be entered into an Access database employing either visual forms o
MY-SQL: My-SQL , pronounced either "My Sequel" or  "My S-Q-L"  is an open source RDBMS. It is totally based on the Structured query language (SQL), which is employed for adding, eliminating, and modifying information in the database. Standard SQL commands, like ADD, DROP, INSERT, and UPDATE can also be employed with My-SQL. My-SQL  can be employed for a range of applications, however is m
SYBASE The Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells the database management system and the middleware products. The company was founded in the1984, and headquarters offices are in the Emeryville, CA. The Sybase was first enterprise DBMS for Linux operating system. The Sybase products have found the extensive application, particularly in industrial, commercial and in the
FOXPRO: This is a DBMS and text-based procedurally oriented programming language, originally published via Fox Software and subsequently via Microsoft, for MS-DOS, Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX. The eventual published release of FoxPro was 2.6, after which the development has persistent under Visual FoxPro. FoxPro  is very powerful Database Management System. Its integrating development Env
Introduction of Excel: Excel is the spreadsheet of the program created by Microsoft.  Although we can use any spreadsheet program for analyzing the data, the commands given here are specific for Excel.  Excel is most basic form a very fancy calculator of the Excel. Microsoft Excel is the versatile program present on the most computers at home and in computer cluster. It is the business tools f
Programming Language
Programming Languages: Programming languages  are set of commands, or instructions, and other syntax use to build a software program. Languages which programmers employ to write code are termed as "High-level languages." This code can be compiled into a "low-level language," that is recognized directly by the hardware. The  High-level languages  are designed to be simple to read and unde
Mobile Applications
WHAT DOES MOBILE APPLICATION MEAN? A mobile application also known as mobile app is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile tool (device), such as a tablet computer or Smartphone. The Mobile applications frequently serve to provide the users with related services to those accessed on PCs. Applications are generally small, individual software units with partial function. A mo

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