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INTRODUCTION OF ESSAY: Essays are the generally scholarly pieces of the writing written from an author's personal point of the view but definition is formless, overlapping with those of the article, a pamphlet and short story. Essays can consist of the number of elements, including literary criticism, learned arguments, political manifestos, and observations of the daily life, reflections,
Term Paper
INTRODUCTION OF TERM PAPER: A term paper is the research paper written by the students over an academic term and accounting for the large part of grade. The Term papers are generally intended to describe the event of concept and argue the point. A term paper is written original work discussing the topic in the detail generally several typed of pages in length and is often due at the end of sem
Thesis/Research Proposal
WRITE A RESEARCH PROPOSAL? A research proposal is a short text written to inform the others about proposed area of research. Commonly, you will be required to write a research proposal for the acceptance into the research degree candidature. In some departments this text is called a transfer report. This is the text that determines the probable meaning and the viability of your project for
Article-Book Review
Explain what are the author's major points? What type of confirmation does the author use to show his or her points? Is the confirmation convincing? Why or why not? Does the author maintain his or her points sufficiently? How does a book relate to the other books on same topic? Is the book exclusive? Does it add the new information? What group of readers, if any, would find this book the
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Proofreading is reading of a galley proof or an electronic copy of a publication to perceive and the accurate production errors of the text or the art. The Proofreaders are expected to be consistently accurate by the default because they occupy last stage of the typographic production before the publication. Traditional method A proof is a typeset version of the copy or a document page. Th
Research Paper
Introduction A research paper is the necessary in researching a topic to establish what is recent in field. The importance of a research paper is it educates students to estimate and report on main ideas of a exacting subject area using the synthesis. The synthesizing information is not summarizing each the article, but rather organizing information by the each main points of larger topic.
Blog/Article Writing
BLOG: Blogs, or the Web logs, are online journals that are updated normally, occasionally even daily. An update (entry) is generally quite short, perhaps just a few sentences and the readers can often reply to an entry (update) online. The people who write the blogs are commonly called the bloggers. The Bloggers, tongue in cheek, call themselves and their blogs blogosphere. The Blogs are a gre
Case Study
A case study is an inquiry or investigation into an event by either an individual or the organization. It is formed through the systematic research, reporting and analysis. The Case studies scientific or cite professional sources and they are often used in the developing new procedures in the medicine, marketing and the technology. They are deliberated to ask questions "how" and "why" of an event,
Literature review/bibliography
WHAT IS A LITERATURE REVIEW? The literature review is not an annotated bibliography in which you recapitulate momentarily each article that you have reviewed. While an outline of what you have read is restricted within a literature review, it goes well beyond simply summarizing the professional literature. It focuses on a precise topic of the interest to you and it includes a critical analysis

Recent Writing Questions

Read the clinical case of mary attached doc consider the

Read the clinical case of Mary (attached doc). Consider the following scenario: You have been asked to observe Mary, a patient who has been receiving treatment at the outpatient center where you work. Mary clearly has a ...

This essay will explore a topic in popular culture and

This essay will explore a topic in popular culture and demonstrate an intersectional feminist analysis. The class "Introduction to WGS" focused on some of the key concepts (gender, race, class, and sexuality) and it's in ...

The communicative role of lighting in film and digital

The Communicative Role of Lighting in Film and Digital Photography Essay Essay: Discuss the expressive and communicative role of light in film and digital photography. In 500 words or more, discuss the role of both natur ...

1 th11920s was a decade of immense change and in some cases

1. Th1.1920s was a decade of immense change and, in some cases, great turmoil in the United States. Give three major examples of movements, changes, or other cultural phenomena that connected with religion during the era ...

Need an effect essay 500 words about the effect of

Need an effect essay (500 words) about " The Effect of Pollution" with 3 paragraphs and each paragraph has an effect. With simple words not like a professional english writer student. So, the essay will be like, Introduc ...

Answers must be typed spell-checked grammar checked and

Answers must be typed, spell-checked, grammar checked, and double spaced. Outline You have just entered a public speaking contest and you were assigned to give a speech on the same topic you chose for your persuasive spe ...

Topic 1 in this discussion you are on a very interesting

TOPIC #1 ***In this discussion, you are on a very interesting quest to identify research resources for Course Outcomes 3 and 4 for your business case. Visit the Kaplan University library and access the ABI/INFORM (Proque ...

Essay style and lengthyour essay should be written in

Essay: Style and Length Your essay should be written in correct MLA format, and it should be between 1000-1200 words long. For this essay, you will spend some time re?ecting on the good, the true, and the beautiful from ...

Outline- title chocolate and health- summary a brief look

Outline: - Title: Chocolate and health. - Summary: a brief look at the positive abilities of chocolate, where do they work, and to describe what is going to be addressed in this research. - Aims: to give a good idea abou ...

Division-and-classification essay guidelinesstructuring a

Division-and-Classification Essay Guidelines Structuring a Division-and-Classification Essay A classification or division essay groups objects, people, or events into categories by the characteristics that they share. Us ...

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